Sunday, September 27, 2009

"dare to be different...becoming the woman God wants me to be..."

I am so excited to begin a six-week series on becoming the women God divined and designed us to be! I am praying for each of you, as we partner with God, embracing the Holy Spirit within all of us, growing in our faith relationship with Jesus Christ.

Week One is a week of self-exploration. Where am I? In my my focus.

I'll list your questions, and encourage each of you to pray before you begin to answer. I'll send helps and scriptural support throughout the week, and prayerfully answer each question you might post.

Welcome to the adventure! How excited I am to grow with you!

1. Who am I?
2. What are my dreams?
What are my goals?
How do they differ?
How are they the same?
3. What are my faith relationships? Do I have any?
Who are they with?
Who is my mentor?
Who am I mentoring?

Remember, this series is about becoming that which God originally intended us to be. There will be lots of looking into ourselves, and looking into scripture, and trying to reconcile the two. Understanding who we are and why will help us to focus on what we were created to be and how to get there!

Lord, be with each of us as we focus. Be with us as we grow. Remind us when sometimes it hurts to look in at our hearts that Your desire is to mend the brokenness so that we may become wholly and holy Yours! AMEN!