Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What you always wanted to know about the Bible but were too embarassed to admit you might not know...

Do you know what Bible you have? I mean, do you REALLY know? Do you have the best one for you? Do you have a good and reliable translation? Do you have an interpretation that might not be so good for study, but okay to read in the bubble bath?

Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll look at different translations, interpretations, and adaptations. We'll see which are closest to the horse's mouth (closest to the original manuscripts) and those which are a bit too close to the other end of the horse to be reliable in your studying.

We'll also look at kinds of Bibles. For example, do you have a Life Application, a Study, a Devotional Bible? Which kind do I want? How do I figure that out?

Third, we'll look at reference materials, and how to use them to grow in your faith. We'll look at the difference between studying and reading. We'll learn how to study and how to apply God's Truth in our lives.

Join in! Invite your friends and family! Let's ask those questions we have without embarassment...and with God's help, we'll discover the answers.

His, thanking Him for YOU!
Lee Ann