Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas--how well do you know the Christmas Story?

Luke 2 is a great start! :-)

Just a few questions for you about the Christmas story--fact or fiction? True or false?

1. There were three wise men. True? False? What do you think? What does scripture say?
2. The wise men were from the Orient. True or False?
3. The wise men brought their gifts to the manger. True or False?
4. Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem. What do you think? What does scripture say?
5. The shepherd hesitated before heading to the manger. True? False? What was his reaction?

Some thoughts to think about...

  • Do you think the stable where Mary and Joseph stayed, and Jesus was born was clean? Freshly "mucked out?"
  • Do you know how far Mary and Joseph traveled to get to Bethlehem? How long a trip do you think it may have been?
  • Do you know what frankincense and myrrh are and where they come from?
  • What is a "heavenly host?"

As we celebrate the reason for the season, just how much do you know from scripture about the Christmas story?

Let me know what you discover!

Blessings and praises for you this Christmas!

Lee Ann


  1. How well do you know the Christmas Story?

    Let me know what you find as you read!

  2. Some more things to wonder...

    *Was there just one shepherd, or more than one?
    *Do you know the name of the angel who appeared to Mary?
    *Why gold? Why not diamonds, or rubies, or emeralds? Or silver? Why gold?
    *There is a song, "Mary, Did You Know?" My question...did she?

    What are some of the other things YOU see in the Christmas Story you haven't seen before? What things are tradition, song-based, or just a part of what we've come to believe, and which are scripturally solid?

    Let me know!

  3. Okay, I will try and answer later. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about it ...

    I do know that it never said Mary rode a donkey, there were wise men but it didn't say whether there were three or not - quite possibly more as they would have been traveling in a caravan. Also possible that Jesus was older (perhaps a toddler about 2) because the King stated that all boy children 2 and under were to be killed.

    It would be nice to think the stable was clean but based on everything being filled up for the night the inn keeper was probably too busy to worry about mucking out the stalls for an unknown person to stay the night.

    Just my immediate thoughts. Will try to come back later as I have time to do the research.

  4. You're right, Angy! I says nothing about a donkey in scripture. We PRAY as women who have given birth that there MUST have been we cannot imagine her walking that distance (do you know yet how far it was??!!).

    You're right as well that there were wise men...and we don't know how many. Also that they probably didn't deliver the gifts until Jesus was 2-ish and back home. That's also where the star appeared!

    I agree---with the census going on, and TONS of people and animals in town, that stable was likely un-mucked. We don't know for certain, because scripture does not tell us, but we can imagine given the busyness of all the activity there was precious little extra time for innkeepers to do anything for their guests, let alone the stables.

    Keep studying! I'll let you in on some scriptures after you all do some searching on your own.

    Lee Ann

  5. Peggy has responded via e-mail. She's learning a lot about the Christmas Story! Look in Matthew and Luke for scriptures relating to the Christmas Story.

    Here's some more questions for you!

    What was the name of the angel who appeared to Mary? Was it the same angel who appeared to Joseph?

    What was Joseph's response to the dream he had as far as marrying Mary?

    Why gold? What are the properties of gold which make it significant to Christ, and of our own faith relationship?

    Have you discovered yet what the shepherds' reaction was to the host of angels? How does it relate to our own response when God calls?

    I love growing and learning! I pray you are discovering things in the Christmas Story you never knew!

    Lee Ann