Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week Five of "dare to be different"

Week Five already! WOW! Thank you, God for how much we're learning and growing!

This week I want us to look at mentoring. What is a mentor? According to www.dictionary.com, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor and teacher. Titus 2:3-5 talks about older women teaching and setting a godly example for younger women. Elizabeth, an older woman and relative of Mary, shares her wisdom with Mary when she comes to see her. Elizabeth is pregnant with John the Baptist, and Mary is of course pregnant with Jesus. Find their story in Luke 1:5-60.

Paul and Timothy also set a great example for us of a mentoring relationship in 1 and 2 Timothy.

Let me know what you discover!

Lord, be with us as we uncover Your Truth about our faith relationships with one another. Help us to find our mentor, as well as to equip us to mentor others. Help us to learn from Elizabeth's example, and to become Titus 2 women of God. Encourage us with a desire to grow and learn from someone who has walked just a few more miles in their faith journey. AMEN!


  1. Someone who knows, what you need to know, and presents/guides/examples/whatever it is that you need in a loving manner. There are many mentors in my life. My Mom was, my Dad, YOU LeeAnn, PWOC, Beth Moore studies, my darling Hubby, my children, etc. Christ is the greatest in my life. He talks to me in so many ways, telling me to stop and notice, listen, have peace, he loves me, he'll help me, he has gifts for me, etc. How awesome to be so loved by someone so patient.

  2. Amen, Candy! He is so very patient with us. Good thing...as there are times when I am a bit slow on the understanding and practical application! :-)

    We learn and grow in so many ways, through so many sources. How thankful I am that there are those who are firmly rooted in their faith and study, and are willing to share what God teaches, in love!

  3. What an incredible example of faith Elizabeth set for Mary. Elizabeth, older and considered barren (see the verse in Luke 1:5-60 where she speaks about going into seclusion for five months, no longer a source of shame to her husband for not producing a child). She believes and trusts in God, knowing that she will give birth, in His time. Mary comes to her, very newly pregnant (the scripture says she hurries to Elizabeth!). Mary must've felt that Elizabeth would believe her outrageous story of being visited by an angel and conceiving without having had any relations with Joseph! She must not have feared rejection. She must not have feared judgement. What a great story about how our mentor can support and encourage, and validate our existence and our calling from God.

    What are you discovering? I am praying God has given you a mentor, and that He has also blessed you with others to mentor to!