Monday, October 19, 2009

Week Four of "dare to be different"

This week we're looking at some of the "Wonder Women" of the Bible. I'm going to list their names. I'd like you to begin to write down what you know about them! We're going to see how real they are...just like us in so many ways...flawed, challenged, sometimes feeling like a fish out of water! Yet, God uses each of them in mighty ways! Just like He uses each of us. :-)

1. Sarah
2. Rahab
3. Esther
4. Ruth
5. Mary, Mother of Jesus
6. Lydia

Do some of your own reading about these women. List some of what you discover! Share it in your postings. And we'll begin to see how God gifted each of them, how they used those gifts, and what we can learn from their lives.

Lord, as we look at this list of women this week help us not just to look at the big and mighty things they did. Help us also to see their reality, to see their less-than-the-best choices sometimes, sometimes their hesitancy to step up when called, and even sometimes their willful impatience in waiting on You. Help us also to see when they answer You in faith, stepping up to their calling with trust and confidence in Your promise. And help us to know when You call, confident in our spiritual gifts which You gave us, knowing when to say, "Yes, Lord. Here I am." AMEN!

Love and prayers to all of you!
Lee Ann


  1. Sarah...find her in Genesis with her husband (and half-brother) Abraham.

    Rahab...Joshua is the book where you'll find this harlot's story!

    Esther...has her own book. Read the whole thing! Suspense, excitement, deceit, bravery. It's all there!

    Ruth...has her own book, too. Short, but FILLED with amazing faith.

    Mary, the Mother of spoken of throughout the Gospels. Young yet chosen and called.

    Lydia...found in Acts. Not much about her, yet significant in the lessons we can learn.

    Let me know what you're discovering as you study these women this week!

    His, praising Him for YOU!
    Lee Ann

  2. Don't forget to look at Sarah when she was still called Sarai (when Abraham was Abram).

    Be sure and notice how Rahab speaks up for her whole family.

    Esther takes a real chance at being killed by stepping up to God's call!

    Ruth is a stranger when she follows Naomi back to Naomi's homeland. Pay special attention to the mentoring relationship between Naomi and Ruth.

    Notice how Mary answers God's call without hesitation, and without thought to what others will think of her.

    Lydia uses her wealth to answer God's call.

    What are you discovering?

    Praying for you!
    Lee Ann

  3. From Candy Cole: I am in the middle of a PWOC, Beth Moore study on Esther. Talk about amazing! We just did the section concerning Time. This is the part where she got the ear of King Xerxes and had prepared a banquet for him after the three days of fasting she had undertaken. The King promised her anything she wants up to Half of his Kingdom. She asked him (now wait, this gets good) (No, not to have Hamans head on a platter as was done to John the Baptist) she aske him to come back tomorrow and she'll tell him. How cool is that. The King has to abide because he gave his oath. She was strong enough to hold tight until God said it was time to make her request. This woman was an orphan and raised by her Uncle Mordecai (spelled right? not looking all of this up right now) She was chosen to be the Queen after the King had sent his Queen away. She knows the king could put her to death at a whim, especially if she crosses him, and she knows she is about to ask him something that will do so, so, she waits, all in God's time. AWESOME! Read Esther, everyone! Blessings, Candy+++

  4. I love the book of Esther! So exciting! She certainly does exhibit great obedience in answering the call from God to save her people.

    For such a time as this we have been created! AMEN!

  5. Let me know what you learned as you studied this past week. Sarah, in spite of her willfulness in going her own way, was still used mightily by God! Jesus' bloodline! Wow! Esther takes time to fast and pray before acting on God's call. Ruth takes a real chance at rejection, yet Boaz offers such respect in becoming her kinsman redeemer. Mary is so very young, yet becomes the mother of our Lord and Savior. And Lydia steps up, as a woman in a time when woman were not as free to step us as we are now. Amazing stories of incredible women---just as you all have your own faith journey stories, incredible in your own right!

    Praying for each of you! And praising God for YOU!